About Me

20140821_134450Theo Dingemans is a PhD student and graduate assistant in the Geography department at UNR. He works in the Scott Mensing Paleoecology Lab, and his dissertation research focuses on understanding the interaction between humans and climate and their roles in driving environmental change in Central Italy over the past 3,500 years using pollen and geochemistry from sediment cores. This work is multi-disciplinary and Theo’s research relies on ideas, theories and methods from a broad set of discipline
s including geography, geology, history, and anthropology. Prior to entering the PhD program, Theo earned a Master’s degree at UNR, also in Geography. His thesis focused on environmental change over the past 3,000 years at Zaca Lake, California and its implications for climatology and archeology. His Bachelor’s Degree is in Geography from California State University, Sacramento.

Theo has served as a teaching assistant for introduction to GIS and has also done outreach teaching junior high school students about sediment coring and paleoecology. Outside of work Theo loves the outdoors and enjoys camping, hiking and backpacking. He also likes to travel, cook and play sports, particularly basketball.